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* Natalya Matatov M. *

I am currently in my fifties and all my life I have suffered from constipation and the side effects that come with it. I was talking with Maya about my issue and she mentioned using apple cider vinegar. I thought that may work for others, but there is no way that I can drink vinegar, even tea with lemon has always been too acidic for me. She said, "just pretend you are drinking lemonade, that’s what I do.” The next morning I did exactly that, I made a glass of water with a tiny amount of apple cider vinegar, and drank it, pretending it was lemonade. I continued to drink this day after day, eventually even adding in some more vinegar. After about a week my constipation disappeared! I was shocked, I was sure that I was born with this issue and that nothing could ever change it. But this small piece of advice from Maya could and did change my life!

* Nora M.*

I started working with Maya 1.5 years ago. I came in with complaints of bloating and feeling heavy in my stomach with pain under right rib with radiating pain to my right shoulder after meals, skin itching, constipation and others issues. First and most importantly Maya focused on both the current health challenges and the comprehensive history that could possibly lead to my conditions. She checked my most current blood test, and my most resent Micronutrient test, where she pointed that I was deficient on some vitamins, minerals and amino acids. She made recommendations on some supplements, digestive enzymes, but mostly she encourage me to get my nutrients through food. Maya recommended to get additional testings to check my microbiome and hormones. Based on those tests she created a program to transform my diet, lifestyle and stress levels . She helped with creating recipes to restore digestive health and balance nutrition. We have been working on balancing my hormones and improving overall immune health. Maya empowering me to see myself as the experts on my own health and circumstances. She helped to transform my health and keeps motivating me. Maya genuinely cares about my success. I built a strong and trusted relationship with her.

I have recommended Maya to my friends.

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