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Thrive  Personal   Cancer  and    Wellness  Coaching  Program,

I have been where you are at now.

Cancer is an invitation for a radical transformation
towards a more meaningful life.

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Hands Touching

All journeys into the unknown are easier with a guide and that is what I would like to be for you.

Driven by my personal life experience and years of research I help to gaining a sense of control over the healing process

You have you been diagnosed with cancer:

Are you scared?

Do you need support?

Cancer can often result in feeling like life has been put on hold. Future dreams and goals change, as do priorities.  We go through feelings of fear, anger, guilt, denial, sadness, worry, anxiety, and blame, and are often told these are normal feelings; it is ok to feel them, however very rarely at the time of need they are around to help, and instead cancer patients are surrounded by frightened relatives, who can’t hide their fear and make things worse by clumsy efforts to say the ‘right’ thing, etc.

Cancer is a true wake-up call.

Use it to your advantage to tap into your greatest potential.

Every cancer journey is unique. When I join you on your healing journey, my professional functional nutrition coaching services will focus on generating a complete overview of your situation, lifestyle, diet addressing your needs, and creating an innovative plan, identify stress triggers and create ways to reduce it based on your interest.

During my nutrition coaching, I will be there for you on your individual journey and encourage you to contact me in between our sessions whenever needed.

Who  Do  I  Work  With?

  • Individuals who are newly diagnosed with cancer and are interested in using nutrition and a natural approach as part of their protocol.

  • Individuals who are choosing conventional medicine also and needed additional support minimizing treatment side effects for chemo and radiation therapy, seeking recommendations for some specific holistic approach lifestyle, diet and self-care to improve quality of life.

  • Individuals who have a recurring cancer and do not want to/or cannot pursue conventional treatment again.

  • Functional Nutritional Counseling to clients that have been diagnosed with cancer, going through cancer treatment, and those recovering from cancer.


Work with  Me

As someone who went through cancer two times, I understand what you’re undergoing through, poorly-managed emotions, inadequate coping styles and negative beliefs. This is the stage where support from someone with a similar life experience and a different perspective can be most valuable.

My mission is to share with you information, tools and resources to help you feel more empowered and in control, and less confused and hopeless about your healing process.

Wether you choose conventional or alternative treatment, ​I remain nonjudgmental and respectful. I'm here to be your guided Holistic Cancer Coach and Functional Nutrition Coach. I work together with you to identify what is working in your life, what isn't working and the changes you would like to generate to be thriving, not just surviving. I also identify stress triggers and create ways to reduce it.

I will create personalized one-to-one cancer wellness and coaching programs that will help to significantly improve the quality of life of cancer clients and cancer survivors, to minimize the risk of recurrence.

Our Process 

  1. Our process will start with Getting to know you short survey, which will allow me to learn a little more about  you before our free 20 minutes discovery call 

  2. During our 20 minutes discovery call I will learn more about you and your goals, and tell you how I will  aproceh them. We will decide if we are a right fit for each other to proceed to the next step.

  3. Open our agreement working together, you will be receiving a most up to date detailed intake form.

  4. Schedule a 90 minutes Thrive Personal Nutrition Counseling session to discuss details and next-steps related to your case. (Prior to  this interview I will review any blood serum labs that were completed within the past six months as well as any  additional testing that you’ve had done in the past year)

  5. Receipt of your Thrive Personal Nutrition Counseling Functional Nutrition “Personalized Starter Kit,” including your completed: Functional  Nutrition Matrix and Personalized Action Protocol.

  6. Schedule a follow up session to review your progress and discuss next steps. (This session will occur within 1-2 weeks of initial consultation).

What  Includes 

  1. Through personalized guidance, I will provide the tools to make informed decisions and to understand, evaluate, and access additional therapeutic options. 

  2. I will provide innovative science-based resources in preventive, holistic, integrative, complementary and alternative medicine.

  3. Recommendations for some specific holistic approach lifestyle modifications, diet and self-care to improve quality of life and survival.

  4. Individualized sessions are cultivated to focus on needs in Extended Cancer Coach Packages.

  5. Creation of a more detailed, proactive holistic cancer care plan.

  6. Further addressing the body, mind, spirit, social and environmental health and healing.

  7. Advantages of nutrition in cancer treatment program, diet plan.

  8. Types of nutritional supplements that work in synergy and best support  your specific condition and treatment.

  9. Health Plan tailor-made to your needs and priorities. 

  10. Crucial importance of detoxification – key and proven detoxification methods, home and referral based, minimizing treatment side effects for chemo and radiation.

  11. Restoring on gut microbiome.

  12. Cancer preventing recipes

  13. Unlimited email support

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