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Spend a bay with  Maya


Chances are, many of the foods that are currently in your pantry may not doing your and your family's health any favors. 

The goal is to help you make the best decisions nutritionally for you and your family. Learn how to stock a healthy pantry to make eating healthy easy, to improve your and your family's health. A simple way to help you make better choices regardless of where you are on your personal nutrition journey.

Pantry makeover starts with some education on  healthy substitutions, eliminating unhealthy food. I will also teach you a simple way to read and understand food labels. Together we will look through your pantry and refrigerator to help identify your existing food items, identify which foods are best to eliminate and those that good to add to your diet.

Followed with a trip to grocery store or farmers market and end our day with teaching you easy way to make nutritious and delicious meal of your choice. 

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Service Description

In person (local appointments),  or video call. 

This program based on 6 hours day. You can choose from All day or 2 days option.

1. Option 1 

Day 1. I will spend 3-4 hours with you.  You will walk me through your current health lifestyle, and I will offer modifications. Going to a grocery store or farmers market. Learn to read food labels and identify nutrient-dense, clean food choices & receive a personalized grocery shopping list. 

Day 2. Spend time in your kitchen showing you how to cook healthy meal of your dietary needs (GF, vegan, DF, keto, paleo and etc.). You choose one Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. 

Option 2


All of the above in one day 6 hours.


Healthy recipe e-booklet. 

Weekly meal plan 

Weekly grocery list  

1 month email support

20% off - 2 month any of one on one nutrition coaching program of your chose.  

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